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PayDay Portal, powered by Gratuity Solutions, is an automated PayData Platform that eliminates the manual processes used to collect and move data between disparate systems to calculate earnings and process payroll. With this platform you can increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and provide your workforce with fast, accurate, and secure access to their earnings.

PayDay Portal automatically syncs your business' worked hours and loads TIPS/Wages directly to your payroll to have it ready in minutes. The software automatically closes out daily records and disburses the correct payments to your employees.

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Support, Marketing & Design Team - Naples, Florida

Our Headquarters, located out of sunny Naples, Florida, is home to our Integration Team, and our Marketing & Design Team. Additionally, about half of our Executive Team, Project Management Team, Support Team, and Customer Relations Team call Naples, FL home.

Development & Support Team - Belgrade, Serbia

In Belgrade, Serbia we have our secondary office location which is home to our Development Team and half of our Executive Team, Project Management Team, Support Team, and Customer Relations Team. Having both locations allows us to provide flawless 24/7/365 Support.

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Our Partners

We support a wide range of partner relationships designed to meet the needs of our partners and support the growth and success of our shared clients. From POS, Time & Attendance, and Scheduling, to Payroll, Wage Payments, and Paycards & Digital Payments.

Interested in becoming a Gratuity Solutions Partner? We are always looking to expand our Preferred Partner portfolio.

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Our Story

  • 2009 – 2011
  • 2012 – 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015 - 2017
  • 2018 – 2020
  • 2021-TODAY

2009 – 2011

Company Was Officially Founded

Co-Founders Aleks, Monika, Carlo, and Jovan identified pay discrepancies and workers waiting weeks to receive what they are owed. Then they began developing their cloud-based software.

2012 – 2013

Pilot Launched & Headquarters Opened

Sea Salt Naples became our very first client as a pilot restaurant. We officially opened our headquarters in Naples, Florida and opened an office in Belgrade, Serbia. We got our first patents filed.


Went Public on the Market

When we went public on the market, we were the only company to load TIPS to Paycards and have an API payment platform. Within the first year on the market, over 140 restaurants in the country used our solution.

2015 - 2017

Established First Partnership & Began Diversifying

Trademarked our name and got our first large chain, Brinker International - Chili’s, and established our first market partnership with ADP. We further diversified our portfolio to work with other industries and made our solution more customizable to meet our client’s needs for their ultimate success.

2018 - 2020

Expanded Our Software & Partnerships

We expanded our software to not only calculate tips, but also wages, service charges, and sales commissions. We also partnered with Visa to offer digital payments in addition to Paycards for our clients.


Name Change, 10-Year Anniversary, and CHOICE

The name PayDay Portal, powered by Gratuity Solutions, was created in order to show our full financial calculation and same-day pay capacity. Along with our 10-year anniversary, we officially released PayDay Portal and CHOICE for our new and existing clients.

We’re Excited for You to Meet Our Team!

  • Executive
  • Project Management
  • Integration & Support
  • Development
  • Design & Marketing
  • Customer Relations


Aleksandar Stepanovich

Co-Founder & CIO

Carlo F. Zampogna

Co-Founder & CEO

Monika Stepanovich

Co-Founder & CFO

Jovan Sankovic

Co-Founder & CTO

Vladimir Cvorovic

VP of Implementation & Support

Jovan Stojanovic

EVP & Database Analyst/Developer

Dejan Obradovic

EVP & Principal Software Architect

Project Management

Milan Jovanovic

Implementation Specialist

Anamaria Jovanovic

Implementation Specialist

Milos Muskinja

Implementation Specialist

Dragan Muskinja

Implementation Specialist

Ivana Kavaja

Implementation Specialist

George Pantelic

Implementation Specialist

Integration & Support

Angelcho Nakov

Integration Specialist 

Wilber Danilo Cazares

Integration Specialist 

Ivana Mihajlovic

Integration Specialist 

Igor Vatricevic

Advance Support

Vladica Bjedic

Advance Support

Ladislav Mozolic

Advance Support


Vladimir Pejovic

Senior Fullstack Developer

Boris Manola

Senior Backend Developer
& POS Integration Specialist

Brijesh Tekrawala

Senior Programmer

Jignesh Patel

Senior Web Developer & Mobile Team Manager

Branislav Dubicanin

Senior Developer

Luka Petricevic

Senior QA Engeener

Aleksandra Sankovic

QA Engineer

Miljana Djurovic

Software Developer

Mirjana Kalem

Software Developer

Savo Jagodic

Software Developer

Miljan Djakanovic

Software Developer

Design & Marketing

Kunal Chokshi

UI / UX & Brand Designer

Chairelys Rojas

Media Content Writer

Customer Relations

Gavrilo Gligoric

Financial & Sales Manager

Michael James

Naples Office Manager & Sales Leader

Tanja Ilic

Data Analyst

Vladimir Savicevic

HR & Belgrade Office Manager

Jasmina Rajkovic

Billing Manager

Liam Pincus

Data Analyst